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Aug 13, 10 9:32 PM
DN raid
Jul 30, 10 9:41 PM
its going great
Jul 26, 10 4:23 AM
Jul 23, 10 8:04 AM
Jul 9, 10 7:54 AM
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Cillanl, Aug 13, 10 9:32 PM.
Yes they did it :D

today they have killed the BO and the mistress so
for the very first time we have done whole DN.
Sad i couldnt be there but Congratz to Cunny with the leggings and to Naugrik with the chest.

And Congratz to all the kinnies who did it and thanks to all the heroes guys who helped us
and makes this possible.

But most thanks to valgorlim for leading this.

Welldone guys iam very proud of you.

(K) Cilliej

DN raid

Cillanl, Jul 30, 10 9:41 PM.
Hello again,

Today was our day it took us 3 days but today we finally had a group
for DN and we walked in there with 7 peeps of Lost Souls with us!!!!!

We killed the 2 trolls nice and easily ;) and we decide to continue and walked
to Zoluka and we killed him without any trouble.Then we decide to walk to
Flagit but it was turning so late(2.30am uk time) that we didnt had our full attention to the game
anymore so we called it off and keep our locks to try it later this week again.

First i wanna Congratulate Cunny with the Boots and Klimore with the Gloves ;)

After that i wanna thank ALL the heroes peeps who makes this possible for us
really guys without you we couldnt have done this thank you SOOOOO much!!!!!!!

i wanna say some things to a few peeps of Lost souls and i want everybody to know this :

Valgorlim : thank you for leading this raid you did great ;)
Kaz : Thank you for just beeing there and have fun ;) and sometimes correct our raidleader ;)
Klimore : you did a very nice job healing m8 really without you we where death ;)
Pearstig : You did a very nice job as our burglar we had to tell you ones and you understand it and did it !!really a great job ;)
Cunny : You did very great with buffing and little healing without your ghost busters we wouldnt come this far you safed our backs sometimes;) well done

But most of all i wanna say  GREAT JOB to Glimore(Willmore;P)
you did go there for the very first time and we gave you the important job to be the main tank and you did it without any trouble.really iam so proud of you(K)

I wanna thank you all for beeing there and make it a fun run i enjoyed it really i did.Next time we run in i hope to see more Lost Souls peeps with us.(because we could have 11 of us there )

Thank you all and Thanks Heroes.

Big Kiss Cilliej

its going great

Cillanl, Jul 26, 10 4:23 AM.
Yeah we did it.
we ALMOST had a FULL SG run with only lost souls.
but one of the members had to go so i asked a friend to join us.

and yeah there it was the symbol drops.but like always when you take
a pug the pug will win it.But because this was a friend of mine he decide
to make a second age 65 minstrel book for our minstrel who would have won
the symbol if he wasnt there ;)

So i wanna thank all the peeps who where there yesterday it was a nice run
with nobody dies and it gives us a very nice book.

most tnx too Axiana for giving the symbol to us big Kiss _o_


Cillanl, Jul 23, 10 8:04 AM.

Nice to see that you come and watch our webite ;)

i will give you some information about our kin ;)

We are a rank 6 kin atm in 3 weeks we are rank 7 and going to buy our kinhouse.
We have about 40 or 50 members atm.
we have 27 main persons in our kin who are active.
this are 6 level 65 and 5 level 50 +
so i think very soon we have 11 level 65 mains in our kin so we can start our first raid
with only Lost Souls.
Iam very proud of all my members they having fun and leveling so fast tnx to them
we can raid very soon.

Tnx all ;)

Now you wanna know if we are doing things ?
Yes we are.
- every week we do the rift with our alliance kinships.(soon we will be doing it alone i think)
- we try every week one deed night to keep everybody up.
- we do as much as possible runs to gear people atm we are busy with GS to gear 3 peeps.
- we do ones every month a fun event (horserace,hide and seek,chickenrun ect)

If you are intressted please dont be shy and just ask me or one of my officers : Cilliej(almira), Goldilock(kazweena),Valgorlim,Cunny, Naugrik

Maybe we see you soon.
For all the kinmember iam proud of you keep going

(K) Cilliej


Cillanl, Jul 9, 10 7:54 AM.

I wanna say we have done the rift 2 times now.We defeated the balrog ones.
last time we had 6 peeps of Lost Souls in the raid thats a very big stap for us.We have finally more
peeps 50+ we also have some peeps on vacation so we can almost start the rift with Lost Souls only i think.

Iam very proud at the people who where in the rift yesterday  ;)

keep on going we are doing very well and iam very proud of all of you ;)

Greetz Cilliej
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